The Rules We Play By

Safety Rules

1. We should all be doing this to have fun. If you get mad or uncontrolled it is up to you to remove yourself from the fighting. A Marshal may pull you off the field if you do not.

2. You must listen to the Marshal(s) at all times (they are the referees)

3. If you have any questions it is up to you to ask (most accidents happen because some people don't have foresight).

4. This is a sport of honor. Treat it as such. If you are caught cheating, a Marshal may remove you from any combat. Remember that honor begets honor.

5. There is to be contact with weapons only (i. e. weapons hitting weapons, weapons hitting bodies and weapons hitting shields only).

6. (there is no rule #6)

7. If you see a harmful or unsafe situation, yell the word "HOLD!"(i. e. someone has an unsafe weapon, gets their glasses knocked off, is about to fall off a cliff, etc...). It is the primary responsibility of a person who is hurt to call a hold. Before calling a hold for someone else in an otherwise safe situation, you must first ask them if they are alright. If you hear the word "HOLD!", stop immediately!!! Then say "hold" until everyone has stopped moving. Holds should only be called in the event of a dangerous situation and may NOT be used to discuss rules. When the the hazard is cleared a lay-on will be called and things can "re start."

8. bows may not exceed 30lbs pull

9. no sharp objects should be in combat (knives, spikes etc)

10. There is to be NO physical contact of any kind (i.e. no punching, kicking, biting, grabbing, etc...)

11. There is to be NO grabbing of an opponent's weapon and/or shield.

12. There is to be NO throwing weapons unless they are specifically designed for that purpose. (only Javelins)

13. There are to be NO "Louisville Slugger" (Baseball Bat like)swings. All weapons should strike with minimal force necessary to score a successful hit.

14. There is to be NO charging. You DO NOT run at someone so that they have to get out of your way or get run over.

15. There is to be NO unsafe shield maneuvers, that in any way may harm someone else (i. e. NO punch blocking, shield bashing or contact

Character Creation

   We want players to have fun in a medieval fantasy setting. If you are playing an existing character from another system or if you are just a Realms of Wonder Character it is all good, have fun We want it to be appropriate for the setting and be in character as much as you can. So please no real world stuff if it is possible everyone is attempting to escape the real world so leave the phones in your car, no neon sneakers etc. Politics and real world drama will be asked to stop . Totally understand the safety stuff like glasses and or limb braces but cover with garb when you can. We want people to have fun with your character but lets not get crazy with Monster or strange pc types, any monster or strange pc type characters have to be approved. But think of Human, elves, dwarves, fae, gnomes, halflings etc.. , but look the part. If you have a question contact us we are happy to help you figure things out. Updating your kit is great and we understand if that takes time but we do expect people to put in effort.. You want to be an all powerful Wizard look that way , you want to be a peasant farmer be one it is a Live Action Roleplay game.. Have Fun!

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