Combat System

The Combat Rules are as follows. For any questions please see the Contact Us section.

combat rules

• The marshals  have authority on the field they are the referees. They are the ones to contact in case of an


• All participants, weapons, shields, monsters, war machines, and in-game items or objects must be checked in and may be inspected by a marshal before being used at the event.

• Each individual is responsible for counting the hits they themselves receive and not the ones they give.

Do not hit people in white aprons with weapons , spell props or arrows

Hit Areas

• The body is divided into six (6) hit areas that have 1 hit point (barbie doll sections)

(HP) each: each arm (hands are included), each leg (feet included), the torso (front and back of torso is just 1 torso) and the head (includes the neck).

• The eyes, nose, mouth, throat,  and genitals can't be targeted.

Weapons and Combat

• All hits deal 1 damage point and must be delivered using a weapon. It is the hit itself that counts and not the force with which it is dealt.

• All weapons of 44.01 inch/ 112 cm or more must be held with two hands and spears must have a mark 20 inch/ 50 cm from the pommel, delimiting a zone where you are limited to the presence of a single hand.

• It is forbidden to thrust or aim projectiles at an opponent's head, to use excessive force or to hit someone with a shield.

daggers are no less than 12-20 inch or 31-51cm

max one handed weapon length 44inch/112cm

max 2 handed slash weapon 7feet/ 214cm

max 2 handed thrust only weapon 9 feet / 275 cm

2 handed weapons must have 2 hands on at all times of any type of combat usage.

bows are 30lb pull or less. 

Arrows are 28inch shaft max length below the foam arrow head

Shields must have a padded edge and no smaller than 12inches / 31cm and may not exceed 12sq feet / 366 sq cm / 3.6576 sq m. shields may be constructed from many materials if it is not safe it will not be usable in game.

 Shield and weapons do not take damage except in some npc situations.

spell caster combo and restrictions will be in the magic section of the rules

Calimacile/epic armory/ mythalon / b3 studio style weapons are encouraged but boffer style weapons are usable 3/8ths or more foam should be used. 1/2 inch core minimum for bamboo core 1 handed , 3/4ths for 2 handed minimum.  ( I hope to have a construction guide up soon for boffer weapons)


0 points: clothing, un armored boots, cloaks, hair etc

1 point: soft  like gambesons, quilted, soft leather etc

2point: chainmail, studded leather, thick leather ,scale mail, neoprene chain etc.

3point: overlapping metal plates larger than scales, segmenta,  lamellar, plate armor etc..

helmets are suggested

(plastic, eva foam, latex Halloween props, fiberglass castings, etc although look cool, are not armor for PC's but may count for npc's or monsters)

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