Suggested Merchants

More to Come ...


  • Jennifer Cloutier:  Jennifer is on the Realms of Wonder Facebook page.  Her Shop page is on FaceBook.
  • Lewissa Quinn:  "aka Threads of Time" - Is a clothing shop often found at King Richards Fair and at the Society of Creative Anacronysm's event, Berka.
  • Amy Ostrander:  New website located here:  Amy is at the Connecticut rennisance fair every fall.  She makes very nice and very fancy stuff.  She is also at the Society for Creative Anacronysm's event, Berka.  Amy is located near Northampton, MA.
  •  Dein-Larpshop is a large-online retailer that ships internationally and is based in Germany.
  • Dracolite:  little bit of everything

Leather Goods:


  • Son of a Sandlar:  Son of Sandlar - They are a little higher in price but have a great Warranty.

Weapons and More: 

  •  Epic Armoury:  Best Priced - Epic Armoury or Epic Armoury
  • Ben Becker:  B3 Studios - Great arrows and other weapons - B3 or B3.   


  • Canvas Home:  From India - Canvas Home.  Very cheap!  There are costums obsitcals to overcome to have products from Canvas Home delivered to the United States.
  • Tent Smiths:  Tent Smiths are in New Hampshire. For Pick ups from the store are cheaper than having it delivered.
  • larptents:  Prices are good and tents come with poles included - LarpTents


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