Other Recommended LARPs and Events

Other event systems that are not " The Realms of Wonder" that we recommend people attend that may be international events.

In working with International larps we will have web pages for suggested medieval fantasy larps all over the world.


Bicolline in Quebec Canada a group of us attend all the time at least once a month (campaigns and tavern nights) you can make the pages into English.. But in Quebec they speak French Canadian/ Quebecois most people speak English if you are polite. in August there is a weeklong function pretty amazing 5-7000people on the very large property.. Prices are pretty good some outside sources charge for their package but the weeklong event with 14 meals cost us ~$266US we own our own tents and stuff so keep that in mind.

Weekend Warrior Experience:

Weekend Warrior Experience by fell and fair. The weekend warrior experience in Taylors Scout Carolina USA runs once a year. you want to get your tickets in July if you can they sell out fast 2021 price $285us comes with meals..

DrachenFest USA:

   https://www.drachenfest.us/   what is DrachenFest ? it is a larp normally in Germany but in 2022 coming to New Jersey USA. You fight for the dragon colour you choose each dragon (team)  has it's storyline or ways they do things  (We/some of us ) are going and fighting for the Blue team/dragon Come and join in the fun with us!

Drachenfest US

June 8th 2022

Some of us are going to NJ for the event fighting for the blue team.


Bicolline Grand battle 25th Anniversary 

25th edition

The Grand Battle of Bicolline is an immersive and participative event in the heart of the largest medieval-fantasy gathering in North America! Let yourself be carried away by the magic of a medieval village and meet unique and colorful characters. Elves, orcs, pirates, monsters, mages, courtesans and valiant knights gather for 7 days, during which shows, banquets, festivities, tournaments, meetings, games, fights... will lead more than 3500 participants to an epic battle


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