Tournaments of Creathorne 2024


24 MAY AT 15:00 – 27 MAY AT 16:00

Tournaments Of Creathorne 30

The Realms of Wonder event system using a boffer/light weapon latex type weapons system more to come.TOC 324 MAY AT 15:00 – 27 MAY AT 16:00

Tournaments Of Creathorne 230
The Realms of Wonder event system using a boffer/light weapon latex type weapons system more to come.TOC 29Facebook devrait traduire ceci dans la langue souhaitée, envoyez-moi un message privé si ce n'est pas le cas.

Event starts at 4:00 PM, on Friday 26,May , 2023

Event ends at 4:00 PM, on Monday 29, May , 2023

Site opens at 3pm and closes at 5pm.Place: Little Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.Pre-registration: is open please paypal the email below$40 same price as 2019Andrew V. Disbrow
702 Main ST.
Grafton, NH 03240


Head marshal eh: Jarrod Marshal, his staff sofar Liz, Matt, PJ, Ray, and Joe

plot marshal eh:Npcs: Kabe and the npc crew 5-6 of them sofar.send pre reges and $$ and or make checks to

Andrew V. Disbrow
702 Main ST.
Grafton, NH

  Tournaments, oldbies, newbies, lots of people.Tournaments of Creathorne are here again.We have planned a weekend filled with all kinds of great things to do. Along with all of your typical combat tournaments, there are a whole lot of others. For example, for those that love to cook we have several different tournaments for you to try. Don't forget the brewery tournament and the siege weapon tournament. Just bring your very own creations.There are also our card tournaments. Magic the Gathering and Dominion etc. Bring your cards. You just may be this year's winner.We try to keep the younger adventurers in mind. We will have the kids quest and kids tournaments as usual. We have been hard at work planning them.The Creathorne Hula Girl Casino will be in full swing again this year. Come on in and try your hand at our tables. Snacks anddrinks will be available for your convenience.Dealers so far : ,**** NEW***Campsite and individual camp competition Most "decorum looking feel etc...

Basic Schedule to plan your weekend?Friday -- Arrive and set up All Vehicles out of the camping area by 8pm!
Cooking and brewers and mixing start 7pm tournaments
Night QuestSaturday -- Tournaments
6pm start Bardics around the main fire pit hard end time 830pm
Horse auction 830-9pm
Night quest

Sunday -- Tournaments

Awards Ceremony7pm cigars and whisky meeting
wine and cheese club meeting

Story time at the main fire pit

Monday --Finish up on going plot things Clean up depart.We look forward to seeing you all there!!!!
Sir Shean,

Poker: We would like to start these every night at 6 pm but if we have to do them later or after the night quest we will but we do understand finishing a poker tournament at 4am is NOT the best idea but we are at the point where if players do not show to the event Friday until 9-10 pm... we are kind of stuck until we get 8+ players..Friday night 25 gold buy (start time 6pm)

Saturday night 50 gold buy in (6pm)
Sunday night 100 gold buy in (Start time 1 hour after awards)999.9% deck of cards part of Grand Prize per night along with the pot. and points awarded to 1-4th places for each tournament towards final in 2024, 2,3,4th place splits w/ grand prize each nightPractice your songs and your stories for this years Bardics (Using the Bardic college 3 person Criteria for Judging this year judges are: .We will also have stuff for the young adventurers to do.
Tournaments on Saturday and a special quest on Sunday. Both are loads of fun. And prizes to be had for all of them.

Pre-Reg's-- A paid pre-reg is the ONLY pre-reg. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and paypal. You will get a ticket with your number on it when you check in at the event. This will be the order you eat food in. Pre-reg early! you get hot food. Checks need to be made out to Andy Disbrow . We will have some one with a Card reader available at places.

Food-- If you have any dietary restrictions, you MUST tell us about them at least 2 weeks before hand NOT AT THE DOOR. There are a lot of you. We can't remember from year to the next who has what. If there isn't anything for you to eat, it's because you didn't tell us. We try and separate what we can but to be honest you know better what you can and can not eat.. We do not have gluten free pasta or bread.. We do not cook with Beer or honey unless stated.. Peppers/onions/tomatoes/ and mushrooms we will try and keep separate. But we can not accommodate ever nook and cranny of restrictions we do not necessarily have food some restrictions ..

Live Steel: we do provide live steel for the live steel tournaments but you may use your own if it is approved by the marshal for use. (IE: throwing knives/hatchets/spears/ and target

arrows)NPC's/Wenches/Marshals--Combat marshals are handled by head marshal. "Jarrod Marshal" has agreed to be on for 2024

Non Com marshals-Wenches- The tavern is always looking for help.  Contact: Andrew Disbrow

NPC's- We have """ 10 "" reduced price slots.

Contact : and he will discuss it with you..Night Quests /quests: no weapons larger than 5 foot used by players or npc's


Alcohol level-- This is a discreetly damp site. We will all act like the responsible adults we all are Expected to be. the past 3 years have been great I like not having to yell at people... The main fire pit is PG friendly until 12 am. After which it is open to adult time. 

NO DRUMS AFTER 1AM or before Noon..

Trash-- All of the trash MUST be sorted.  caps off plastic bottles! if you do not sort your trash you MUST take it with you when you leave. There are trash cans for glass, plastic, cans, and all other trash. We will be doing a dump run on Sunday. Bring your trash up to the tavern by reading of the rules to be hauled away.

Please plan for fireworks, smoke machines, fire, and flashing. If you have issues with any of these, please inform us when you reg.

Players are required to bring their own period non disposable cups and flatware please be in proper attire not regular street clothing!! .. 

Reg opens April 2nd 2024

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